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Q:   Is there any Pre-Qualification to take this course?

A:   No.  Individuals work their way through our step by step training process with your own instructor.

Q:   How many years of experience in business?

A:   Our instructor over twenty-five years experience in this industry and teaching for over thirteen years.

Q:   What do you go over in the course?

A:   Click Here for an overview.

Q:  Why does your training only take two days to complete?

A:   Our training was set up to be a "One-On-One Training Course" with  your own instructor.  No other strangers in the room.  So each individuals learns faster with no interruptions from others.

Q:  Does Over-The-Phone / Internet with Instructor really work?

A:  YES.   The instructor will be on the phone with you through the whole process.  Using our training manual (with samples of the paperwork needed to move a load from start to finish and online conferencing.  The instructor will be talking you through the full process of brokering a load.  A great way to learn and right from home.  The great thing about it traveling expenses. 

Q:  Will I learn how to broker freight taking the "Home Course"?

A:  YES.   This is a Self-Study Home Course using our training manual (with samples of the paperwork needed to move a load) with step-by-step instructions.  This course goes over step-by-step on how to broker a load from start to finish.  You must pass with at least 80% to receive your "Certificate of Completion" and a 90% to receive our 100+ broker list.

Q:  Can my wife/husband and/or partner come too?

A:  Yes, but only at your request.  You offer a discount price for anyone who trains with you.

Q:  Can I work from home?

A:  Yes.  I does not matter where you, the broker, the shipper or carrier company are located.  Everything is done by phone, fax and internet. 

Q:   Do you offer an internet training course?

A:  Yes.  We offer an "Internet Training Course" with your own instructor on the phone with you through the whole process.  Hours are flexible for training.  Days, Nights or Weekends. 

Q:  What if I want to be an Agent and not a Broker?  Can you help with placement?

A:  Yes.  We have been training agents for over twelve years and because of our expertise we have brokers looking for agents.  We have a list of over 100+ brokers looking for agents.  We educate you on what to ask the brokers and why are you asking before signing on with a Broker.  We are here for you!

  Have more questions call our main office in Georgia:  678-343-0088